Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not a Wordless Wednesday

Today for International Babywearing Week I met up with my local group at the mall. We were originally going to go to a farm but it rained. I had a decent time. I arrived late so I had to walk around a little before I found them. Once I did I chatted a little but I still feel a little like an outsider. When we got the the play area I felt like all the other moms were talking to each other but I was by myself with my little guy. Before the group was over I did talk to a mom with a 5 month old who is almost as big as my guy, had teeth and looks like he is about to crawl. Oh, and he has 12 fingers to boot! It was very interesting. I'm glad she struck up a conversation with me :)
Here is Isaiah at the mall; he is starting to stand on his own!

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